Can pacifiers be a problem? | Dental Treatment Guide

During the first few years of the child, it is unlikely that their sucking habits will damage their mouths although if this sucking persists then it may be a problem. If the sucking continues after the baby teeth have fallen out then it can be a problem. If a child prolongs their sucking habits then

  • the top front teeth could slant out
  • the bottom front teeth can tilt inwards
  • the upper jaw and the lower jaw can become misaligned
  • the roof of the mouth can become narrower

If your child uses a pacifier then you should consider the following

  • buying products that are in one piece because if they break apart then the child might swallow it or breathe it into their lungs
  • you should not fasten a pacifier around a child’s neck because the child may be strangled
  • your child’s pacifier must meet standards of orthodontics. These pacifiers will not affect the teeth of the child as much as the others would
  • you should not attempt to calm a fussy baby by dipping their pacifiers in sugar water or honey because this will simply increase the chances of your child getting tooth decay
  • you should use positive reinforcement to encourage older children to stop using their pacifiers

Further Information about Pacifiers & Baby Bottles