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Many people all over the world suffer from severe problems with their weight. This can affect confidence and self-esteem drastically, sometimes leading to a much less fulfilled lifestyle than most people would like. Whether an inspiration to action has been taken as an act of intense free will in the form of a strict diet and exercise, or whether the weight has been lost through a surgical procedure such as a gastric bypass, often the weight loss alone does not complete a successful aesthetic transformation.

The reason that many people who have experienced dramatic weight loss are not always completely satisfied with the new healthier, slimmer look and lifestyle they have achieved is often linked to the damaging results of the weight loss to their skin. After the skin has been stretched so much, it will inevitably lose its natural elasticity. This means that when you shrink back to the size and shape you wish to be, your skin will still be stretched to your previous size. Even if you exercise profusely, the skin just will not snap back into a supple and smooth condition. This leaves an undesirable look on various places all over the body, where the skin can be seen to be noticeably flabby and sagging.

Body Lift Surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess fat and skin from the body, which is perfect for people who have undergone dramatic weight loss. It is suitable and used by both men and women, and is most popular in the ages of 40 – 60 years of age, although it is also suitable for and undertaken by many younger people. It is sometimes seen as almost a necessity for many patients of gastric bypass surgery (also known as stomach stapling or stomach banding) as a final step to completing their total body makeover and has proven to be one of the fastest growing customer bases in cosmetic surgery.

The main places on the body in which Body Lift surgery is generally used for is the stomach, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, breasts and back. Although a full body lift that includes several of these areas can take a lot of time on the operating table, the results have been noted by many previous patients to be outstanding, and a worthwhile method of helping them to feel happy with themselves once more. The time it takes and the intensity of your treatment, however, is completely down to individual cases. If you underwent a particularly dramatic weight loss, your surgery may take longer as you may have a higher proportion of excess skin than someone who underwent a smaller weight loss. This really does just depend on each individual person though, and some people's skin naturally retains a lot more elasticity than others, no matter how much weight has been lost.

The way in which the procedure is carried out is through literally cutting away the excess skin and fat. This is done by making a series of incisions, and is often combined with liposuction, which works to give a more comprehensive and successful removal of any excess fat. Sometimes a surgical drain may also be used during your surgery to remove excess internal fluid that can collect in the body cavities in the duration of this process.

After the surgery, you will most likely be required to stay in the hospital for an average of one or two days after. This is to ensure there are no complications and that you are coping well with the recovery process. Sometimes it is requested that you stay longer than this initial one or two day period, and is usually common with more intense Body Lift procedures. This is nothing to worry about, though; it is merely a safety precaution to ensure the utmost health, safety and recovery after your surgery.

If you are undergoing a total Body Lift including most of the major areas listed, then sometimes the surgery will have to be completed in intervals. If you are required to do this, then each surgical procedure will be conducted in intervals of around three months. This wait is to ensure that your body has healed before you undergo any more surgery, as this can only increase the risks associated with surgical procedures.

Due to the nature of the surgery, it does inevitably leave scarring. However, provided there are no complications during your recovery period and you follow the guide lines recommended by your surgeon, these should fade dramatically over time. They will always be there, but the intensity can be reduced significantly. Whilst making the incisions on your body, your surgeon will make sure where possible that any scars will be hidden if wearing swimwear. By doing this, you can be assured that the scars induced by the surgery are minimised in visibility, making sure that you can feel confident in your new look no matter if you are on the beach or at the office.

Just like any surgical procedure, Body Lift surgery does carry its risks. These vary from minor risks such as a slight complication with a certain area of the body which can result in you having to undergo another operation to correct it, to a lot more serious risks that are involved with every surgical procedure, especially with the use of general anaesthetic. Although these risks are present and it is very important that every single patient thinking about undergoing the Body Lift surgical procedure is fully aware of them, it is worth noting that the majority of Body Lift surgery patients are delighted with the results of their operation.

As long as you are realistic about what you want to achieve from the procedure, you should suffer no disappointments. When undergoing a serious procedure such as this, it is worthwhile to have a look at previous patient testimonials and reviews. By combining the reviews on various practitioners' official website as well as reviews on independent websites and magazines, you should be able to gain a little bit extra peace of mind about any worries that you may have. Although your surgeon will be able to answer any question that you have regarding the surgery, it can be very reassuring to read, hear from and maybe even talk to patients who have had the same surgery as you want.

Although the majority of people are eligible for Body Lift surgery to apply, you do have to meet certain requirements. This includes having remained roughly the same weight for an average of 18 months. If you have had a gastric bypass and are in the process of losing the excess weight, it is important that you let your body naturally lose excess weight before undergoing any more surgery. This way the surgery is less risky, and the results are often much more successful. Other requirements include a relatively positive state of health, as any surgical procedure carries risks that are enhanced in people with a poorer state of health. It is highly recommended that pregnant women, or women thinking about getting pregnant in the imminent future, do not undergo this procedure. This is for obvious reasons that the body will be in a process of natural change, so the Body Lift procedure will be substantially more risky, and possibly provide disappointing results.

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