Aftercare following Laser Eye Surgery - Laser Eye Surgery Guide

When do I return for my check up?

You will be asked to return to the clinic the day after your treatment. This is designed to check upon your progress and to make sure that everything is okay.

Your treatment includes a series of follow up visits which can last up to 6 to 9 months following surgery. Every laser eye procedure has its own aftercare programme.

How long before I can rub my eyes?

Do not rub your eyes at all for 2 weeks after surgery. And, try not to rub, touch or screw up your eyes for a month after treatment.

Wearing a protective night shield over your eye (an eye patch) can help by preventing you from rubbing your eyes. The temptation is there because there will be some irritation but avoid giving in to that temptation.

Do I need to wear an eye patch?

If you have had LASEK or PRK then a protective pad or ‘bandage lens’ (similar to an eye patch) will have to be worn as per the surgeon’s advice.

This doesn’t apply to those patients who have had LASIK.

You may be advised to wear an eye shield at night to stop you rubbing or touching your eyes during the night.

It can help to wear a pair of sunglasses after surgery to protect your eyes against direct sunlight when you go out.

Will I need to repeat this treatment?

Evidence shows that this treatment lasts for at least 10 years and may be said to be permanent. However, bear in mind that eyesight does change as a result of the ageing process and so further surgery cannot be ruled out.