How will pregnancy affect your dental treatment? | Dental Treatment Guide

Women who are pregnant seem to get so much advice from people including what they should eat, how to prevent morning sickness, and how to minimize stretch marks after the delivery. You may not have heard how important it is to take care of your teeth though. Some people even believe that the state of your gums and the state of your teeth are going to decline when you are pregnant. They will even tell you that you can not do anything about it. They may even tell you that you will lose a tooth for every baby.

There is some truth to what these people say. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause several women to experience pregnancy gingivitis. This is characterized by the swelling, bleeding, and tenderness in your gums. You should not be disheartened about your gums and your teeth when you are pregnant. You should be optimistic. You should keep your mouth healthy before and during your pregnancy in order to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy child as well.

Periodontal disease and tooth decay are the diseases in your mouth that occur the most when you are pregnant. If you have periodontal disease, tooth decay, or both of them then the health of your baby may be affected. Not to mention, your own health is already affected.

Pregnant women who have periodontal disease have a higher risk of delivering babies prematurely. They are also at a higher risk of delivering babies with low birth weights. Women who currently have tooth decay or women who have a history of tooth decay have a greater risk of delivering children that will get cavities before they reach the age of five.

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