Inverted Nipple - Cosmetic Surgery Guide

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Inverted nipple correction is a minor cosmetic operation which is performed in order to make inverted nipples protrude in the right way. Inverted nipple correction is a popular treatment with women, as an inverted nipple can often prevent them from breast feeding normally. Other women who seek the procedure are emotionally distressed by their inverted nipple or simply don't find it aesthetically pleasing. Although much more popular amongst women, men too have undergone the procedure in order to correct their inverted nipple.

The procedure

Inverted nipple correction surgery is a relatively fast procedure. As it only treats a small area it can usually be performed under local anaesthetic and only takes around half an hour to complete. Your surgeon will make a small incision in the areola, which is the darker area surrounding the nipple. The nipple and any underlying tissue will then be raised and positioned into a protruding shape. It will then be secured with stitches. If breast feeding is a concern then your surgeon will endeavour to preserve the milk ducts as much as possible. However if breast feeding doesn't matter to you then your surgeon can simply detach the milk ducts from your inverted nipple, making the procedure much easier. Once the procedure is finished a dressing will be applied to the treated area and the operation should yield permanent results.

Recovery and Aftercare

The recovery time for inverted nipple correction surgery varies on an individual basis. Whilst some patients can go back to work after only a few days some require upwards of a week before they are ready to resume their normal activities. You should be able to walk around and do light activities for the first few days following surgery but it's usually recommended that you avoid any strenuous activity for about a week afterwards. Patients usually make a full recovery within about two weeks.

It's usual to feel sore for a few days following surgery and it's likely that the treated area will bruise and swell slightly. Although the pain is usually slight, should it become intolerable your surgeon will prescribe you some pain medication. You will need to keep your dressing dry for the first two weeks, after which it will be removed, inspected and cleaned in order to prevent the onset of infection. Scars usually appear pink and firm for a few months after surgery but these should gradually fade. It's usual to have follow up visits to check your progress and make sure that you're healing properly.

The Risks

Although most inverted nipple correction surgeries are successfully performed, as with all surgery there are some risks involved. Infections can develop so it's important to carefully follow all aftercare advice and maintain a healthy diet to prevent against this. If breast feeding is a concern then there is the possibility that your milk ducts can be damaged by the surgery and may even become fully detached. Although most patients are satisfied with their surgery, if you don't achieve your desired results then you may require additional surgery or alternative treatments.