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Many people feel unhappy about how their body looks in the mirror. A lot of our attention is focused on the areas of our bodies which have more fat, are less toned and appear to be out of proportion with the rest of the body. Our arms are no different. A lot of people who have experienced weight loss (due to dieting, illness or other causes) or pregnancies are left with areas of excess skin which hangs underneath their upper or lower arm. This is caused by the loss of fat, which causes the skin to lose its shape and firmness. This excess skin and fat can also occur as a part of the ageing process, which causes skin to lose its elasticity and ligaments to stretch. Sagging skin under the arms can also be hereditary. Two things which can speed up the rate at which the skin ages or starts sagging are smoking (some cigarette packets carry warning labels, with information to this effect) and repeated tanning or exposure to ultra violet radiation (for example, using tanning beds). The end result is unattractive to many, and for this reason people seek to have the excess skin and fat removed surgically. The general name for the surgical adaptation of the body's shape is body contouring, as it involves surgeons changing (for example) the arms, legs, or stomach's shape.

An arm lift (or brachioplasty) involves the surgical removal of some skin (and often body fat as well) from the arms. A surgeon cuts away some of the skin underneath the arm between the armpit and elbow, this means that when the skin is stitched back together it will be tighter. Often in this process, some body fat is also removed from the area of the incision. The end result is generally firmer, smoother skin, and an arm which appears more toned and in proportion with the rest of your body.

Arm lifts are a form of cosmetic surgery, which combines surgical techniques and an eye on the part of the surgeon for what body shape and detail you would be pleased with. The surgical operation itself is relatively short, as is the recovery period. However, there are some effects of the surgery which can last for an indefinite amount of time. For this reason, care should be taken when deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure, because as with any decision which affects your body, you may be left with results which you are unable to change. This said, a lot of surgeries do carry out follow-up observation and you can have further operations to reduce any scarring.

Performing a lot of physical exercise can strengthen the muscles in your arms and reduce the amount of body fat in that area; however, you cannot exercise skin away by the same method.

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