Post Weight Loss Surgery at Hospital/Clinic - Obesity Surgery Guide

What condition will I be in after the operation?

After your surgery you will be taken to recovery where your post-surgery recovery will be monitored until the doctors are satisfied with your progress. Your heart rate and blood pressure will be checked regularly as well as the incision made during the operation. It is highly likely that a tube will have been inserted into your mouth that runs down to the stomach. This is to ensure that excess air and fluid is drained out of the stomach which may have gathered there during the surgery. An intravenous tube will probably have been inserted into your arm which is to ensure that you are kept hydrated. A catheter will be used to drain urine from the bladder and there will another tube that drains excess fluid from the stomach. These tubes are only temporary and will be removed as soon as the doctors are satisfied that you no longer need them. It will be important to try to move about as much as possible after the operation to avoid blood clots and chest infections.

How do I go about getting back to normal?

24 hours after the operation you will be able to start a liquid diet. After the operation you will have to follow a completely altered diet and exercise regime in order to continue weight loss and avoid further weight gain. Exercise will not be possible immediately after the operation but you should start off exercising gently and then increasing this as you become stronger.

The stitches from the operation will be removed before you leave hospital and the staples will be taken out 2 weeks after the surgery. You will be advised about treating and bathing the wound before you go home. This is a very important part of the recovery as you must keep the surgical wound clean to avoid developing an infection.