Tricomin - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

There are a wealth of products on the hair care market. With so many to choose from, it is tempting to imagine that they all work in the same way and the only difference is the brand name and the label. But that isn’t true. Tricomin is another product that uses different sorts of natural ingredients to promote thicker, fuller hair – and it often generates good results when used in combination with one of the other brands that works in a different way.

Tell me more about Tricomin

Tricomin is manufactured by a company called ProCyte and is described as a non-medical treatment for hair loss. It is designed for both men and women, as it does not rely on disrupting the hormonal balance to work. The active ingredient within the product is copper-peptide, which we will talk more about later.

Tricomin does not claim to actually prevent, decrease or reduce the rate of hair loss caused by male-pattern baldness. Its function is temporarily thicken the appearance of scalp hair.

What is in it?

The main product in the Tricomin range is the Tricomin Follicle Therapy Spray. This spray is based around Triamino Copper Nutritional Complex, which is clinically proven to enhance the scalp environment. Within the spray, it is combined with a leave-in conditioner that enriches your hair. Together, they create a fuller effect and enable your hair follicles to retain their strength for longer. The other main ingredients within Tricomin Follicle Therapy Spray are amino acids, minerals and body-building nutrients.

How does it work?

You need to use Tricomin Follicle Therapy Spray every day after you’ve washed your hair with shampoo. With some hair restoration products, you need to wait until the hair is dry before applying your treatment. With Tricomin Follicle Therapy Spray, you can apply it to damp or dry hair.

The spray is applied directly to your scalp. The copper peptide formula ensures that the ‘growing’ or Anagen stage of the hair follicles is extended. Therefore, the appearance of the hair becomes consistently thicker as a greater percentage of the hair follicles are growing, rather than shrinking.

As we mentioned, this process does not actually stop or slow male-pattern baldness. However, if you have enough existing hair remaining, it creates the effect of a much fuller head of hair.

How do I use it?

One of the benefits of Tricomin is that it is straightforward and easy to use. It is suitable for both men and women and can be used on all hair types. It can also be used with any other types of shampoo or conditioner that you choose. Equally, there are other products in the Tricomin range that compliment to Therapy Spray and which you may choose to try as part of a broader programme of hair care.

Because Triconim a is non-medical treatment, it can also be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments. Many people choose to use Triconim in combination with Revivogen, for example. They are both natural remedies for hair loss but whereas Triconim incorporates ingredients to thicken the hair, Revivogen incorporates ingredients which can inhibit DHT. Therefore, they can work together effectively. 

Is it successful?

Triconim was initially envisaged as being marketed for hair growth. The treatment has therefore had clinical studies performed to comply with Phase 2 of the FDA approval process. The results of those clinical trials where positive and suggested that many men in the trial experienced hair re-growth. However, in order to make the product available to the market, FDA-approval was abandoned and the product was instead marketed as a cosmetic.

Similarly, there is a wealth of clinical evidence to show that copper peptide, the active ingredient in Triconim, has a positive effect on thinning hair. Copper is an essential nutrient for the scalp and skin, so it plays an important role in stimulating growth.