Lingual Braces | Dental Treatment Guide

As complex dental work becomes more available, affordable and accessible, it is important that customers understand more about the treatments and procedures their dentist recommends.

This article is designed to act as an information guide about Lingual Braces. It aims to make sure that patients know what to expect, which questions to ask and exactly when to ask them.

Lingual Braces facts

Lingual Braces perform the same function as other types of fixed braces. However, Lingual Braces are more versatile and can be fitted to the back of your teeth. So the metal brackets and wires are concealed, effectively creating an ‘invisible brace'.

Lingual Braces alternatives

Lingual Braces were designed as an alternative to traditional ‘train track' braces. Traditional braces are fitted to the front of the teeth and many people choose not to go through with the treatment for aesthetic reasons.

Further Information about Lingual Braces