Intralase - Laser Eye Surgery Guide

This is a procedure which uses a specific type of laser that is known as a femtosecond laser to help correct refractive errors in the eye. The name for the surgery comes from IntraLASIK which is a more complex form of the traditional LASIK surgery.

The LASIK procedure uses a machine know as a microkeratome to make an incision on the outer surface of the cornea which leaves a small flap. This opening is then pulled back during surgery so that the laser can access the area of the eye in order to reshape the eye.

Intralase is a bladeless procedure as it does not involve making any incisions into the eye but relies solely on the laser.

The procedure

  1. The Intralase laser focuses precisely on an area of the cornea and causes lots of microscopic bubbles to form.
  2. As a result of Intralase the surgeon can accurately determine the size and thickness of the flap and tailor it to the individual eye.
  3. Once the flap has been made it is gently lifted so that laser can access the eye beneath it. The surgery is completed when this flap is firmly secured.

Why should I choose Intralase?

This method tends to have a much faster healing rate than standard laser eye procedures. This type of procedure is able to produce much more precise results and it enables surgeons to adapt the flap in the cornea to individual patients and their eyes. Some patients who may not be suitable for LASIK surgery such as those who have flat or thin corneas might find that Intralase is a practical solution.