Common Myths About Hair Loss - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

There are many common myths about hair loss, the majority of which are untrue. All of the following statements are false:

  • “Brushing the hair several times a day will help prevent hair loss” – In fact, excessive brushing may increase damage to the hair.
  • “Wigs and toupees make hair loss worse by stopping hair breathing” – Hair does not need oxygen from the air because it is supplied to the follicles by the blood. However if wigs are tight-fitting they can cause some damage.
  • “Shampooing too much makes hair fall out” – Shampooing cannot increase hair loss.
  • “Certain shampoos and conditioners can promote hair growth” – Shampoos cannot improve hair growth either, they can only improve the appearance of hair that is currently there.
  • “Perming or colouring the hair makes hair loss worse” – As long as the procedures are carried out correctly they can actually improve the appearance of hair loss rather than worsen it.
  • “Longer hair can lead to increased hair loss” – Having long hair does not put extra strain on the roots or the hair and so does not affect hair loss.