Visiting your periodontist for the first time | Dental Treatment Guide

You first visit to a Periodontist is primarily for them to evaluate the condition of your mouth. You will be questioned in detail about your medical history, including your dental history. It is extremely vital that you disclose any medical problems, medication, and dental issues etc. that have affected you in the past or affect you at present. After this, your Periodontist will they proceed to perform a thorough examination. During this they will look at your bone density, tooth strength, bite as well as sometimes performing an oral cancer screening.

Required documents

There are a number of things that you should take with you to your first appointment. Primarily, you should take the referral form that will have been generated by your dentist and given to you along with an X-ray. With this, you should also provide your Periodontist with a list of all the current medications that you are taking. You must provide proof of how you are paying for your treatment whether this be insurance documents or otherwise.

The cost of the periodontal treatment

Your Periodontist can determine the price of your treatment once your examination is completed and analysed. As the costing is dependent on your tooth and gum condition and how many treatments will subsequently be required, it is highly variable according to each individual. During your first visit, your Periodontist should be able to provide you with an estimate of the cost so you can be prepared and make the appropriate arrangements.

Often dental insurance will cover the cost of your periodontal treatment if it is required. This should be checked with your insurance company. If this is the case, you must supply your Periodontist with all the necessary information at your initial visitation.

Periodontal treatment

After your examination, you will be presented with a treatment plan that your Periodontist will believe will benefit you most. If you approach more than one Periodontist then you may notice that their style of treatment varies. Some are in the mind set that certain disease must be tackled using surgical techniques, whereas other believe more in sticking to non-surgical methods. Whichever treatment they recommend you should always ensure that you fully understand exactly why and how this treatment will help as well as what to expect.

Following your initial visit to the Periodontist, you will be required to attend frequent examinations and oral cleanings. You should ensure that you maintain suitably good oral health and set yourself a cleaning routine. By doing so, you are complementing the work being performed by the Periodontist and are ensuring that you are benefitting optimally from your visits.

Even though you are having check ups with your Periodontist on a regular basis, you must still attend regular dental appointments every six months. This allows your dentist to keep track of your oral health and will help in the maintenance of a healthy mouth.