Vitamin Supplements - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

Some vitamins are used to maintain and grow hair and it is possible that by taking supplements of particular vitamins hair growth can be stimulated. However, some marketers will promote the use of vitamins for preventing hair loss with no real scientific evidence so it is important to be careful when considering following a vitamin treatment.

Scientists have shown that the following vitamins are important for our bodies to maintain healthy hair and scalps:

Vitamin A – produces sebum which adds oil to the scalp and stops it from drying out.
Sources: carrots, broccoli, spinach, eggs

Vitamin B – B6 helps with the production of melanin which determines the colour of the hair. B3 reduces the amount of cholesterol which contributes to the formation of DHT.
Sources: meat, egg yolks

Vitamin C – this helps with maintaining healthy skin and hair.
Sources: citrus fruits, tomatoes, green peppers, dark green vegetables

Vitamin E – increases circulation in the scalp.
Sources: nuts, green beans

Vitamin H – this is also known as biotin which is believed to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair dryness.
Sources: cheese, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach

The 'Hair Food Cocktail' claims to incorporate all of these vitamins into one drink. While taking in all your required vitamins can is never harmful, there is no proven evidence that this can help treat male patterned baldness. It may only cure hair loss where the hair loss has been caused by a lack of these vitamins. However, male patterned baldness is a genetic condition so vitamins will not stop it completely.

Can vitamin supplements help with hair loss at all?

In the case of male patterned baldness a vitamin supplement will not make any difference. They cannot harm your hair and may even improve its condition but ultimately your hair will continue to fall out.

Most vitamin based products will claim to treat hair loss but will not detail their specific effects and the different types of hair loss that they are appropriate for. Instead of trying to resolve the problem of hair loss by purchasing random products online, it would be far more helpful to consult your doctor and be given a diagnosis. Your doctor can then advise about which vitamin supplements might help your condition. If you are not diagnosed with male patterned baldness then it is likely that vitamin supplements could actually help with the problem. A simple blood test will be able to determine whether you have a deficiency in a particular vitamin. By being better informed about your condition you will be more capable of treating effectively and resolving the root cause.