Gastric Banding for Teenagers & Children - Obesity Surgery Guide

Gastric banding is often the preferred choice of surgery for children and teenagers.  It is a very safe procedure which has minimal complications and is also reversible.  It involves the surgeon placing an adjustable band around the top part of the stomach to form a small pouch.  As food is eaten it travels down into this pouch.  The band has a small opening through which the food moves but at a very small rate.  This food then drops down into the rest of the stomach and through the digestive system as normal.

The band is adjustable which means it can be changed according to weight loss and food intake.  It will result in a gradual weight loss and provided the after care plan is followed will improve quality of life for the teenager and his/her family.

Gastric banding is also known as ‘lap-banding': there are two different types called the ‘Realize' band and the ‘Lap' band which are in fact the brand names of this band.  A third system called the ‘Easy' band is now available but from only one company in the UK – Healthier Weight Centres.  This device uses electronics and up to now is the most sophisticated device on the market.

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