Inman Aligner | Dental Treatment Guide

An innovative form of orthodontic appliance, the Inman Aligner provides an alternative to traditional fixed braces and can straighten the front teeth of both the upper and lower jaw. The Inman Aligner has been in use since 2000, with approximately 450 – 500 new patients in the US being prescribed treatment every month.

Though unsuited to a heavily crowded mouth, the Inman Aligner can work effectively to straighten misaligned front teeth in cases where overcrowding is not too extreme. This restriction is due to the degree of movement which the appliance can achieve. The Inman Aligner offers another option to those considering fixed or Invisalign braces, or even porcelain veneers to acquire straight teeth. The Inman Aligner is particularly attractive with adult patients, for whom the idea of a fixed brace option is often too costly or daunting, and the process of porcelain veneers (often involving heavy grinding of the teeth in preparation) too unpleasant and lengthy. If however, veneers are still wanted or required, the Inman Aligner can provide a more conservative option in this preparation process by straightening the teeth without the need for grinding.

In comparison to the Invsalign system the Inman Aligner is not completely transparent and does show a metal bar along the front teeth, but unlike the longer process of fixed braces, using the Inman Aligner can straighten teeth in as short a time as 6 to 16 weeks. In order to discover whether you are a suitable candidate for use of the Inman Aligner, a consultation with your dentist will be required.

Further Information about the Inman Aligner

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