Can baby bottles be a problem? | Dental Treatment Guide

Several children will satisfy their desires to suck by using a pacifier, a bottle, or a sippy cup. Other children will continue breastfeeding even after the crucial stages of nutrition. If a child keeps on sucking or sipping on things besides plain water from a bottle or a cup then this will increase the child’s risk of getting tooth decay. If a child keeps on breastfeeding then this will also increase the chance of tooth decay.

When sugars or other carbohydrates come into the mouth, they will provide food for bacteria that will eventually cause cavities. If the child snacks frequently then this will increase the time that bacteria gets into contact with sugar, its food. This will makes it easier for cavities to form at the early stages of a child’s life. Getting cavities at such an early stage is referred to as childhood caries. This condition spreads quickly. It causes pain and can lead to dental abscesses. This will put the child at a higher risk of getting cavities for the rest of their lives.

Tooth decay is a very serious issue for kids. According the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, twenty eight percent of children that are aged two to five have gotten some sort of tooth decay. It is a disease that will cause pain, interfere with your sleeping habits, hamper your learning, and disrupt your playing. Children with serious tooth decay in their early years may have to go through root canal treatment or tooth extraction. It can be done as soon as the child’s third birthday under general anaesthesia in a hospital setting.

In the early stages of childhood caries, teeth may look like they have white spots or lines on them. The spots or the lines show up on the edges of the gums. As the disease progresses, the patches turn brown and they start to chip. This form of tooth decay gets worse very quickly and it can result in more dental problems. Parents must get in touch with the child’s dentist as soon as they see these problems.

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