Pre Weight Loss Surgery - The Weeks before Weight Loss Surgery - Obesity Surgery Guide

You have decided to go ahead with obesity surgery and the day and time of your operation has been set.

You will have had a thorough discussion with your bariatric surgeon and his/her team beforehand.  They will have drawn up a comprehensive programme for you which include aftercare, counselling, dietary and exercise advice, information about patient support groups and so on.  They will have asked you to follow a pre-surgery diet and exercise plan which is designed to get you into good habits as well as  

You will be asked about your medical history.  Please be honest and frank about this as failure to mention any past medical condition or allergy could result in serious complications.  Also mention if you have ever experienced any complications from anaesthesia.

You will also undergo routine pre-operative tests for blood pressure, blood and urine. 

You will be given a list of instructions for before and after your surgery.  These will advise you what to eat and drink before surgery and most importantly, when to stop; what medications you can take, what will happen on the day of surgery, your recovery etc.
Joining a patient support group can be helpful as they will have members who have undergone this surgery who will be able to advise you.  As they have ‘been there' they are best placed to tell you what it is like and what you can expect.  Your family and friends can also provide vital support.

Ask your partner, a family member or a close friend to drive you to the hospital or clinic and afterwards.  They will also need to be on hand if you require help or assistance with anything.  Bear in mind that you are likely to be sore, tired and emotionally ‘up and down' after surgery so see if they could either stay with you or keep an eye on you on a regular basis.  Even the smallest tasks such as opening a tin are likely to be very difficult so you will require help with this and other tasks.

If you smoke you will be advised to stop smoking at least 30 days before surgery.  Smoking tends to slow down the healing process as well as increasing sensitivity in the lungs during surgery. 

If you are taken ill the day before surgery then inform your surgeon immediately.  Please do not consume alcohol at least 48 hours before surgery.

You will be on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks following your surgery so ensure that your grocery shopping includes thin soups, fruit juice and skimmed milk.  You will require a complete supply of all your medications to hand.