Understanding your Child's Mouth | Dental Treatment Guide

The primary teeth of your children are normally formed already when they are born. These teeth are hidden in the gums and will erupt when they are about sixth months old. There are babies that get these teeth earlier while there are babies that get them later on. You should not be worried if the one-year old next door has more teeth than your one-year old.

The two front bottom teeth are the teeth that come in first. The next teeth that come out are the four front top teeth and the other two bottom teeth. At this point, the other teeth will begin to fill out the mouth. Teeth usually erupt in pairs, one on each side of the face. By the time your child reaches three years old, there should be around twenty primary teeth in their mouths. Baby teeth normally have spaces in between so that the space for the permanent teeth is ensured later on.

Further Information about Childens Mouth & Teeth