Hair Removal

The Vasculight Hair Removal System is an effective method for the removal of unwanted hair in both men and women. Vasculight Hair Removal System is ideal for use on fine hair that appears on the face, arms, neck, or abdomen in women. Men who have excessive hair growth on shoulders, back, or in the ear region can benefit from Vasculight Hair Removal treatment.

Over the years, there have been a number of methods for hair removal that promise long term effects. Electrolysis for instance, is a popular technique, but can take a long time to show results. Electrolysis works through the use of electrical current that’s aimed at the hair root. Electrolysis requires many sessions, spread over many months to show desired results. Because of the use of an electrical current on sensitive areas of the face and body, common risks include infection, electric shock and formation of scars.

Laser technology on the other hand, is quick to work, and safe to use.

Vasculight Hair Removal System

Vasculight Hair Removal System makes use of lasers for hair removal. A major advantage of this technology is that treatment can be customized to suit your needs. The skin care practitioner applies a clear gel on the skin. Then, light is filtered through the gel to allow it to penetrate the skin. This system destroys a multitude of hair follicles in a single session. The hair is removed as your practitioner wipes off the gel. Any hair that has not been disabled will fall out on their own after a few days.

Side Effects

You may notice a tingling sensation during treatment. There is hardly any pain however. If you find your skin sensitive to treatment, ask your skin care practitioner about the use of topical anesthetics.

After the procedure

Patients must avoid exposure to the sun or use of tanning beds soon after the treatment. You must also avoid using hair removal products, or procedures like plucking and waxing after the Vasculight Hair Removal System treatment. Also, avoid the use of glycolic acid, retinoid etc.