Regaine - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

Tell me more about Regaine

Regaine is the most well-known product which contains Minoxidil. One of the main advantages of Regaine is that it is available over-the-counter from most high street pharmacies. You apply it directly to the scalp and research has shown that is helps prevent further hair loss of around 80% of men who try it. For many men, that makes it worth giving it go.

What does it involve?

Regaine can be applied to your scalp in three different ways. You can buy it with an extended spray tip applicator, a rub-on applicator or as a pump spray. The pump spray is the recommended solution for large areas of baldness, whereas the other two applicators suit smaller areas.

You need to apply Regaine twice every day, with a gap of at least twelve hours in between. That usually means in the morning and before bed for most people. For the best results, it is important that you ensure that you are applying Regaine to an entirely dry scalp, that you stick to the recommended dosage and that you rub the solution directly into your scalp, not just your hair.

How does it work?

The truth is that nobody knows exactly. The active ingredient in Regaine is Minoxidil. You can read more about Minoxidil elsewhere on this site. However, it was originally developed as a drug to treat high blood pressure. Its ability to prevent male pattern baldness was noticed as a side effect, at which point it was re-packaged as Regaine and promoted as a hair loss treatment.

However, nobody really understands how or why Minoxidil helps to combat male-pattern baldness – they just know that it does. Research has shown that Minoxidil has the effect of dilating blood vessels. Therefore, it has been suggested that the Minoxidil absorbed into the scalp enhances blood supply to the hair follicles and attracts extra nutrients to keep the hair follicles strong. But there is really no evidence to support the theory that blood supply actively affects male-pattern baldness. The fact that Minoxidil fails to work in some cases only serves to compound the confusion in the medical community.

Should I try it?

Hair treatments like Finasteride, that are based on blocking the amount of DHT that the body produces, are known as anti-androgens. Minoxidil is not an anti-androgen and, as it does not imbalance hormone production in the body, there are no negative side effects. Therefore, it is available without prescription and safe for everyone to use.

The only issue with a product like Regaine which deters some people is that it has to be used on a continuous basis, twice every day. Therefore, if you stop using Regaine in the future, male-pattern baldness will recur and the hair that has been thickened with Minoxidil will thin again. This could happen as quickly as three months after you stop using Regaine.


What other products are there in the range?

The Regaine range of products has been developed since it first appeared on pharmacy shelves. For example, it is now also available in a gel format which some men find easier to apply.

Regular Regaine contains around 2% Minoxidil. There is also an Extra Strength version containing 5% Minoxidil which manufacturers claim can produce visible results in half the time of the normal strength version.

Finally, the Regaine range also continues to aftercare. They also manufacture a shampoo called Pregaine, which complements the Regaine treatments rather than washing them away.

How long does it take to work?

Regaine Regular Strength can produce visible results in around 16 weeks. However, every man experiences different results and, as we mentioned, around a fifth of men who try the product experience no visible change to their condition at all. It is recommended that if you do not experience any results after using Regaine for 12 months, you should explore other options.

How much does it cost?

A bottle of Regaine Regular Strength should contain enough solution to last for around one month and each bottle costs around £25. Regaine Extra Strength is slightly more expensive. Regaine is available both from high-street pharmacies and online. You can find out more about Regaine by visiting

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