Cost/Finance for Weight Loss Surgery - Obesity Surgery Guide

You may, for a variety of reasons, prefer to pay for surgery yourself.  If so then you are looking at paying anything between £5-9,000 for gastric banding and between £8-15,000 for gastric bypass.  Intragastric balloon (includes insertion and removal) can cost between £4-8,000. A sleeve gastrectomy may cost between £8-10,000 and a biliopancreatic diversion (with or without duodenal switch) can be around £10,000.  These are not exact prices and will vary from clinic to clinic.    

There are no set pricing schemes and so this is something you will need to discuss with your proposed clinic/surgeon.  Check to see what the cost involves?  Does it include aftercare; follow up sessions, adjustments and fills (gastric banding) and how many etc.

Medical Loans for weight loss surgery

Many private clinics will offer a finance scheme to help you pay for your surgery.  We cannot recommend any specific company but they all have a range of repayment options and competitive rates of interest which are subject to your status.  They are usually able to provide you with a decision quickly and easily.

Personal Loan for weight loss surgery

Another option is to check with your bank or other similar organisations to compare interest rates and other related factors.  Before you make any decision it is advisable to compare several options beforehand.

Note:  it is not just the cost of the obesity surgery that you have to consider, there is also the fact that you may require additional treatment in the form of cosmetic surgery.  Excess weight loss following obesity surgery will mean that you are left with loose folds of skin which can be corrected by cosmetic surgery.  This could mean an extra £6,000.