Revivogen - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

Revivogen is a group of products that are naturally produced and can therefore work in tandem with other types of products. By combining Revivogen with a product that complements it, you can increase your chances of gaining a positive reaction and stimulating hair regrowth.

Tell me more about Revivogen

Revivogen is actually a series of products that, used together, help to fight hair loss and thinning hair. It falls into the group of products that focuses on inhibiting the work of DHT, which weakens the follicles and is one of the main causes of male-pattern baldness.

Revivogen is entirely natural in its product make-up. It has no adverse side-effects and can be easily applied directly to the scalp.

What products are available?

There are three four main hair care products under the Revivogen umbrella.

Revivogen Scalp Therapy is a topical lotion designed to inhibit the production of DHT and sustain the growth phase of the existing hair follicles.

Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo is a complementary product to the therapy lotion.  It helps to ensure that the scalp is clean, well-nourished and in good condition, reducing sebum (natural scalp oil) and adding extra nutrients to help the hair stay strong.

Revivogen® Hair Thickening Conditioner 

Revivogen Hair Thickening Conditioner is designed to reinvigorate thinning hair. By moisturising the hair shaft with natural proteins, it gives the existing hair added volume and extra shine.

How does it work?

Dihydrotestosterone is proven to weaken the hair follicles and be a primary cause of male-pattern baldness. The natural ingredients in Revivogen inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT and also actively stop it from attaching itself to the follicle. The shampoo and conditioner will not stop male-pattern baldness if used in isolation. However, they also contain natural ingredients that will help to remove DHT from the scalp.

What are the disadvantages?

If you are using all three products together (as recommended), it can become quite expensive. It can also be quite a long-winded process. The recommended use for each product is daily and, if you follow the instructions, you could be washing and treating your hair for around 20 minutes every morning!

What are the success rates?

As with most hair loss treatments, there is often a gap between what the customer can expect and what the marketing actually promises.  But if you keep your expectations moderate, and ignore the marketing hyperbole, then you may be happy with the results. Of course, Revivogen will only ever revive your existing hair – so it is only really worth it if you begin using the product in the early stages of male-pattern baldness. If you have already lost too much hair, then your bald spots will still show through no matter how thick your existing hair becomes.

Revivogen packaging outlines the following timescales for re-growth. Two to four weeks of using Revivogen and you may see some hair shedding. Shedding! That’s right, shedding. This should be seen as a positive – it means that the growth cycle of your hair has been energised and the hair is falling out is making way for regrowth. Sixty to ninety days should show visible thickening of exisiting hairs. Three to six months and your hair across the scalp should look healthier and fuller. After 16 to 18 months, your hair has reached its full potential for regrowth and you can reduce your usage.

As with all hair loss products, there are a percentage of men who will see no visible improvement. Usually, you should use a product for three to six months – if no improvement is seen during that time then it is unlikely to promote any regrowth in the future.