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These day, there are so many different brands that manufacture toothpaste and each of these brands tend to produce more than on type. This has led to our store shelves being inundated with hundreds of different toothpastes. This can be so confusing to many people when it comes to choosing which toothpaste is most suitable for them and their family.

If you are off shopping to purchase toothpaste for your child, then it is advisable that you seek one out that contains low levels of fluoride. You may also wish to find one that has a nice flavour. Many young children dislike the taste of ordinary mint toothpastes, and so many companies have manufactured fruit flavours or bubble gum flavours that may appeal more to your young one.

You may also want to consider buy toothpaste that has the stamp of approval from the American Dental Association as then you know that the toothpaste is safe and of good quality. However, it is possible for a good toothpaste to lack the approval of the American Dental Association as they may not yet have been analysed and evaluated by the board.

When your child is brushing their teeth, it should be ensured that only a pea-sized blob is being used and that the paste is not swallowed. If too much fluoride is swallowed, the milk teeth of your child can become discoloured with a mottled brown/black effect, so it is important that they learn to spit out the foam.

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