Vaginoplasty - Cosmetic Surgery Guide

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Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal tightening or rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure which can help women to receive and give more pleasure during sex. Vaginoplasty can help women whose vaginal muscles have expanded during childbirth. Loose or weak vaginal muscles can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and may lead to difficulties during sex. The procedure can also help with stress incontinence which is an involuntary loss of bladder control brought on by factors such as sneezing, laughing, or sex. Vaginoplasty works by tightening the supporting tissue and vaginal muscles themselves. By making the vagina narrower in this way, it's possible to increase friction, and pleasure, during sexual intercourse .

The Procedure

Vaginoplasty is usually performed under general anaesthetic, meaning you will be unconscious throughout. However in some cases it's also possible to use a combination of local anaesthetic and sedative to minimise discomfort. In order to make the vagina narrower your surgeon will make two incisions from the outside inwards. How weak or flaccid the muscles are will influence the extent of the treatment needed. If the flaccidity is serious your surgeon will make a fold in the muscles which will be exposed through the incisions. If there isn't a great deal of flaccidity then only a small amount of mucous tissue will be removed. In this way the vaginal muscles will be given more tension and allow you to experience more intense pleasure during sex. The procedure will take around two hours to complete.

Recovery and Aftercare

Following surgery it's usual to experience swelling and discomfort in the treated area. If the pain becomes excessive then your surgeon can prescribe medications to help. Most patients are able to walk comfortably a few days after undergoing the procedure and the majority can return to work around a week afterwards. Normal sexual activities can be resumed at around six weeks but you should start seeing the results of the surgery in just a couple of weeks. It's normal to have follow up visits with your surgeon to make sure that you're healing well and monitor your progress.

The Risks

As with all surgical procedures there are complications that can occur with vaginoplasty. In rare cases there can be a loss of sensation in the treated area, and there may be an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic used. Haematomas may occur when fluid builds up around the site of surgery and infection may also occur. To help guard against such infections, it's normal to be prescribed antibiotics in order to promote healing. It's important to note that those who smoke, have diabetes or are overweight will be at a greater risk when undergoing surgery. You can help to further promote healing by maintaining a healthy diet and carefully following any aftercare instructions that you're given.