Procerin - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

Procerin is a product marketed towards those who wish to prevent hair loss and to encourage regrowth without requiring a medical prescription from their doctor. This product is comprised of numerous herbs with its key, active ingredient being Saw Palmetto. Procerin is widely available online and is subject to some debate as to it's effectiveness. Procerin is sold in a tablet form and as a solution that is applied to the skin. These both apparently work by hindering dihydrotestosterone, which is the chemical associated with hair loss. It is especially aimed at those suffering from androgenetic alopecia. This condition is the most prevalent cause behind hair loss in men and it is generally associated with thinning hair or a receding hairline. Androgenetic alopecia often begins to show its effects when a man is in his 20s.

Procerin and Dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a chemical present in the body, which is converted from testosterone – a hormone prevalent in men. When DHT is active in the scalp, it results in hair loss as it weakens the hair follicles causing the hair to be less anchored into the scalp. It is said that those men who have androgenetic alopecia have significantly higher levels of DHT in their scalp than normal. These raised levels increase the rate at which hair is lost and so common targets of hair loss prevention treatments are aimed at inhibiting DHT.

Procerin claims to prevent the hair loss actions of DHT without actually interfering with the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This is a point that many find is an advantage of Procerin as many prescribed drugs react with testosterone, which may be somewhat undesirable to certain individuals because it can affect sexual activities. Some of the drugs available that do block the change between testosterone and DHT include Propecia, which is often administered in 1mg daily doses. Alternatively, Nizoral is a shampoo that also inhibits DHT to prevent further hair loss.

Who is Procerin aimed at?

Procerin claims to be of benefit to those who have lost a noticeable amount of hair as well as those just anxious that hair loss could affect them in the future. Apparently, Procerin delivers the best results to men between the ages of 18 and 35; however, if you are older and your hair is still growing at a good rate then it may also provide a similar level of aftereffect.

If your hair is not growing faster than it is being lost than your hair is not classed as being in growth phase. In such a circumstance, Procerin may be unable to provide the desired effect as it is primarily designed to maintain and stimulate hair growth as opposed to generating new hairs.

Procerin Effectiveness

The effects of Procerin are largely debated with some truly believing that this product has helped with hair loss, whereas contrastingly others feel it is nothing more than a scam. Despite this controversy, the producers of Procerin claim that the treatment is successful in 88% of men. This figure, although sounded very high and showing product success, should be taken with a pinch of salt. If time is taken to look into the study it can be seen that it was only conducted among a small group of individuals and so this 88% may not be seen as proof enough of Procerin's effectiveness but this is entirely down to personal opinion. Also, it should maybe be noted that this product is yet to obtain FDA approval and this may indicate its value compared to similar products that have gained such appraisal.


Hair loss can be a big issue for many men. It can cause self-consciousness and can inhibit men living their life to the fullest. In this aspect, the search for an effective and successful hair loss prevention product is invaluable.

For those who do not wish to approach a medical professional to obtain a prescription or go more drastic and undergo expensive hair transplant surgery, Procerin may be seen as the ideal product. Despite the controversy that surrounds how genuinely effective this product it, the only way to truly know if it will work for you is to try it. If this is the route you choose to take, note that hair regrowth is not an instant result as it takes time so you should persevere with the product for a couple of months before trying something else.

A possible method to incorporate Procerin into your everyday routine to encourage hair growth involves using it to complement treatment with other products, such as Finasteride. This may boost hair growth and is very limited in potential side effects as Procerin is composed of herbs rather than drugs and chemicals. The success of combining products is very dependent on the individual and its effectiveness is not medically proven. You should also approach a medical professional before combining any treatments and for further advice.