Nanogen - Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

One of the difficulties with male-pattern baldness is that you often seem trapped between a rock and a hard place. Your GP does not treat you as a priority. While your local pharmacy stocks all sorts of off-the-shelf products that may or may not work or may or may not be right for you. How do you choose the appropriate product from such a variety that all claim to be a success?

One approach is to go to a specialist hair clinic which will advise you, guide you on the best treatments and develop a programme that is perfectly suited to what you need. But that can be expensive. The other option is to look at a product range like Nanogen. Rather than simply being a single product, the Nanogen range is a suite of products that work together to re-grow your hair, keep your hair and scalp healthy and give you the look you want. Depending on your requirements, you mix and match the Nanogen products to tailor a system to suit your hair.

Tell me more about Nanogen

The Nanogen range breaks down into a series of products that each treats hair loss in a certain way. Therefore, you can buy Nanogen products to inhibit DHT, as regrowth stimulators, as healthy shampoos or as cosmetic concealers.

By using the series of products together, you can find the hair loss treatment programme that suits you and that, ultimately, creates the healthiest hair and scalp environment possible to aid growth.

What does each product do?

There are four key products in the Nanogen series:

Nanogaine is is applied topically. It is claimed that, like Minoxidil-based products such as Regaine, it stimulates hair growth and creates healthier, stronger, thicker follicles. The manufacturer claims that Nanogaine is more effective that Minoxidil.

Nanoguard is an anti-DHT product that can be bought as a shampoo or lotion. This blocks the DHT in the scalp and therefore can be used in tandem with Nanogaine to both remove the factors that create male-pattern baldness and then re-stimulate the growth of the existing hair follicles.


Nanofibres were designed initially to provide an interim solution for people waiting for their hair transplant surgery to produce results. Nowadays, their use is far more mainstream. They are applied directly onto the head and cling to the existing hairs to create the effect of thicker, fuller hair. It also comes in a variety of colour matches, with special attention paid to the different hues seen across different continents and geographical areas.

Nanothik is a spray treatment that can be used on a daily basis as a temporary solution for thickening existing hair. The spray attaches itself to the hair follicles and creates the impression that you have a fuller, more luxuriant head of hair.

There are also a number of other Nanogen products that complement the core range, including shampoos, conditioners and a lock-in spray to hold Nanofibres in place.

How much does it cost?

Nanogen products are designed for everyday use and priced accordingly. So they won’t break the bank. The Nanoguard and Nanogaine, the two key products that claim to prevent male-pattern baldness, each cost from around £20 to £30. You can find out more by visiting