Why Do Women Have Labiaplasty?

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Until recently, labiaplasty was a plastic surgery that not well known and it was not well understood. However, the amount of women undergoing this procedure has dramatically increased and it is still rising in popularity. What are the reasons that make so many women now opt for the surgery and why is this number increasing?


The major reason that most women look into the idea of labiaplasty is that they are low in self-esteem and confidence due to the size and the shape of their labia. The labia may actually be disproportionate and oversized in some of the cases, but in others women are embarrassed about perfectly normal labia. Many doctors believe that this is caused by the need to have the perfect female anatomy as has been highlighted by the porn industry. But what you need to understand is that every woman is different in shape and size but that doesn't mean that your labia are wrong or in any way an embarrassment. If the only reason that you want the surgery is because you hate the way you look, then that is a perfectly legitimate reason to consider the surgery but it is best to sit down and talk through your view of your labia with a counsellor in order to be sure you definitely want the surgery.


Enlarged labia can cause a great deal of discomfort during every day activities and sometimes sexual intercourse. They can get caught on zippers sometimes or become irritated when wearing tight clothing. The area can become inflamed and itchy which is generally a great discomfort and this can add to embarrassment. They can also be painful and get in the way during sexual intercourse so many women opt for the surgery in order to reduce this discomfort.

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