What Happens After Labiaplasty?

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After the labiaplasty, you will be able to return home. However, it is important to stress that you must be careful in your care after the procedure in order to minimize your recovery time and the risk of complications. After you have had the surgery you will be given certain instructions to follow to keep the wound clean and to ease your pain.

Antibiotic ointment will have to be applied to the wound up to three times a day for approximately 48 hours. The area will be sore, bruised and swollen for around three to four days and pain medication will be given to stop this from affecting you. It is better if you can lie down for the first few days as it will be painful to sit down and may cause the wound to open again if knocked. You should also wear loose underwear as tight clothes can cause irritation on the wound.

Hygiene is an absolute must and the area should be kept clean by showering around twice a day and you should wash the area every time you urinate in order to minimize the risk of infection. If a wound is not clean it will weep so it is important to keep the area as clean as possible. Dressings will be given for the first couple of days and you may find it useful to wear sanitary towels as they can make the area more comfortable. Do not use tampons for at least 6 weeks. Ice packs can also be applied as these will help reduce the swelling and be a source of relief for the area.

Most women can return to work after ten days and should be completely healed after two months. You will need to go for regular checkups so that the doctor can assess how well you are recovering and treat any infections that may occur. Sexual intercourse and tampon use should be avoided for at least six weeks, as both will be painful in your recovery period.

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