Can you go Abroad to have Labiaplasty?

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Labiaplasty's are performed outside of the UK and they are at a lower price to those that are performed in Britain so naturally people want to look into having the procedure done elsewhere. However, there are some serious risks that must be considered if looking to have the procedure done abroad.

One is cost. Yes, the cost of the surgery may be cheaper but there are a lot of hidden costs that you don't see. The cost abroad tends to be £1000 cheaper than what is offered in the UK. However, that price doesn't include your flights to the country or your accommodation once you get there. It also might not include any after care so you may have to pay for that additionally.

You need to find someone who is qualified to perform the procedure and will do so well. Qualifications may differ between countries and you want to find someone who will perform the surgery at a high standard. So a lot of research is needed as to find someone who is talented in this field. That's not to say that there isn't talented surgeons out there that perform the surgeries, just that you need to make sure you have found the right surgeon. If possible it is best to follow someone's recommendation.

If you want to have the surgery abroad, then it is a good idea to talk to someone who has already opted to do so, so that you can gain some insight into what to expect. You can find out the overall cost of the trip and the surgeons credentials. This allows you to weigh these factors up against having the surgery in the UK and come to an informed decision as to what's best for you.

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