Who is Suitable for Labiaplasty?

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Any woman who is unhappy with her labia size or shape can get a consultation for labiaplasty. However, the doctor will need to decide if they think you are the right candidate for the surgery and if you are having the surgery for the right reasons.

Firstly, they will assess your vulva to see if you do have labial hypertrophy. They will listen to your symptoms and decide whether there is a problem with the labia or whether it is your perception of the labia that you are so unhappy with. If there is nothing out of the ordinary, as labia vary greatly in shape and size between women, then they will tell you this and they may refer you to a counsellor to talk through your condition. This way you don't end up having surgery on perfectly normal labia.

If you do have labial hypertrophy, then the doctor will need to check that you are medically fit to have the surgery. Women who are suitable for labiaplasty are usually of good health and don't have any other conditions such as heart problems or gynecological disease. If you are a smoker and will not quit before your surgery, then you may not be allowed to have labiaplasty as smoking increases the amount of bleeding. Also, if you are under 18, you probably won't be allowed to have the surgery or you will need parental consent. Anyone who is pregnant is not allowed to have a labiaplasty, and it is better to wait until after you have had a baby if you want the surgery, as childbirth may affect their shape. After having a baby, you will need to wait at least a year before you can have a labiaplasty.

Apart from the points above, most women are usually in a good enough condition to undergo surgery without many risks to their health.

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