How Successful is Labiaplasty?

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Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to change the external appearance of the vulva so what you and many other women want to know is how successful is this surgery?

Well labiaplasty has quite a high success rate as over 90% of the time it is success and women are happy with their surgery. The neatness and the change in shape are big factors for after the surgery and they meet most women's expectations because highly skilled surgeons usually carry them out. Obviously, the surgery may not be 100% perfect as you will more than likely have a small scar but usually the scarring is barely seen and the area looks natural.

How effective is the surgery?

Labiaplasty usually produces extremely good results and women are happy with their new shape therefore the surgery is quite effective. It all depends on the surgeon and on your perception. If you wanted them reduced in size or surgery to make them even and your surgeon has performed the procedure to the best of their ability, chances are you will be happy with the results.

When will I notice the results?

After the surgery, many women want to see the results immediately and that is completely understandable. However, you have just had surgery so the area will be bruised and swollen so you won't be able to see the final results straight away. The swelling will start to disappear after a week of after care but it will be about two months by the time you can see the results.

What are the chances of complications?

Complications are very rare in this type of procedure but they can occur. Around 5.7% of women are not happy with the outcome of the procedure or have had a complication that has affected the appearance. These complications could be scarring, or the wound reopening. Most complications are easily corrected but in a few cases, another surgery is needed to correct whatever is wrong. However, the chances of this are slim.

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