What to do Before Labiaplasty?

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Before your labiaplasty, you will be given a number of instructions in order to prepare for your surgery. These will differ slightly between surgeons but it is important that you follow them exactly otherwise your surgery may not take place.

An important instruction that you must follow is that if you are a smoker you must quit smoking a few weeks before your operation. You can quit either permanently or temporarily but you must stop smoking. It is important because smoking can affect the time it takes for wounds to heal and therefore if you have been smoking, you may lose more blood than necessary and your recovery time will increase. If you are still smoking at the time of your surgery, then many surgeons will not operate.

You will usually be advised to stop taking certain medication approximately ten days before your operation. These medications usually include aspirin and ibuprofen, as both are medications that can thin your blood. If you have these in your system at the time of your operation, then you will have slow wound healing and there is a higher risk of excessive bleeding during your surgery Therefore, you are instructed to avoid any of these medications that could increase your risk of bleeding.

Some, but not all surgeons will ask you to completely shave the area on the day of the operation. Others will just suggest that you shower beforehand. Also, you may be given antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications the day before or the day of your surgery to minimize the risk of any infections that may be present or may occur from the surgery. Not all surgeons will prescribe antibiotics nut they may be given. Just before your surgery, the anesthetic the surgeon has decided to use will be administered and the area will be marked so that the surgeons can see exactly where they need to operate.

It is important that in this pre operation preparation that you ask any questions you have about the surgery with your surgeon. Make sure that you understand what's going to happen, the possible risks and you are sure that you want this type of surgery. Labiaplasty is very difficult to reverse and is not carried out as you are removing tissue which is cannot be replaced.

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