What are the Risks of Labiaplasty?

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As with any surgery, there is always a risk to the procedure and labiaplasty is no different. Although rare, it is important that you understand all the risks of the procedure and your surgeon should thoroughly talk through these before you decide to undergo the operation. If you have any questions about the procedure then it is imperative that you ask them before deciding to go forward with a labiaplasty.

Risk of infection

Any surgery has a risk of infection as you are cutting through your bodies' main defensive barrier- the skin. Hygiene is a very important aspect and your surgeons will take the upmost care in preventing infections from occurring through sterilization of equipment, thorough washing of hands and cleansing of the area to be operated on. It is important after your operation that you keep the area clean with antibiotic cream and cleaning. If you do get an infection in the wound, it can usually be treated with antibiotics but it will increase your recovery time.

Risk of bleeding

The labia and surrounding area have a good blood supply, as there are numerous blood vessels. Therefore there is a risk of bleeding during surgery. This can be minimized by using a laser instead of a scalpel however, bleeding can last for twenty four hours after surgery and if it lasts any longer, there is a higher chance of blood clots which pose their own health risk.

Risk of having an allergic reaction

There is the chance that you will have an allergic reaction to the anesthetic that you are given. This is rare as the anesthetic is tailored to your medical history to try and minimize an allergic reaction from occurring. Allergic reactions to anesthetics approximately occur in 1 in every 10,000 surgeries, so although rare there is still a possibility of a reaction.

Risk of losing sensitivity

There is a chance that labiaplasty may damage the nerve endings in the connective tissue of the labia especially if the amputation or wedge techniques are being used. If the nerves have been damaged, the loss of sensitivity will occur. Sometimes this loss is not permanent and feeling is regained but sometimes it is permanent and there isn't a solution to the problem, as the tissue cannot be replaced.

Risk of scarring

This is a risk of any surgery, as the wound has to be sealed. Methods have been developed for labiaplasty that minimize the scarring and a skilled surgeon will be able to make the scarring blend in with your natural contours. Scarring will be more prominent when the wound is young, but as it ages, it will be less noticeable. However, scarring can be painful during sexual intercourse and may add to pain during childbirth.

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