Can you have Labiaplasty on the NHS?

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Labiaplasty can be carried out under the NHS but there are certain criteria that the surgery has to fall under, in order for them to cover the cost. The NHS will not carry out labiaplasty if it is purely for cosmetic reasons so if you want the surgery to make the area look better, then you will have to pay for it, which can be costly. Most of the labiaplasty's that have been carried out have been done through private clinics and these surgeries can cost up to £3000.

There has to be a physical reason for the labiaplasty in order for the NHS to cover the cost. These could be any of the following. If you have given birth and there has been a lot of damage to the area, then they will cover a Labiaplasty in order to fix that. Also, if you have a hormonal defect that is causing the labial hypertrophy then that also falls into this category. If your labia are causing you a great deal of discomfort and pain so for instance, they are rubbing on your clothes or causing pain in sex, then you can be a candidate for the NHS.

The NHS state on their website that it is rare for them to cover the cost of cosmetic surgery and there is a very limited amount of places for the surgeries they do cover so most women who want a labiaplasty go to private clinics instead. Although expensive, it is a much faster route and you get more of a chance to have the surgery. Also, you will need a GP referral stating that there is a physical reason for your surgery before you will be considered on the NHS.

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