How to find a Labiaplasty Surgeon?

Cosmetic Surgery Enquiry

It is important that you find the right surgeon for the job for your labiaplasty as they are responsible for changing the physical appearance of your labia and you want the job to be done properly. Surgeons who perform this kind of surgery need to be qualified in both gynecology and cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is best if you research into different surgeons to find the best person to do the job. Your GP can advise you on well-known surgeons in your area and hopefully give you some good recommendations. After all you are paying a lot for the surgery and you want to be happy with the final result.

Consulting with the surgeon

Once you have found a surgeon who is qualified, you will have to attend a consultation with them in order for them to assess you to ensure you are right for the procedure. Equally, it is a time for you to assess whether they are the best person to perform the surgery and how they will do so. The surgeon will explain what procedure they use, how everything will work and the benefits and risks of the surgery. It is important that you ask any questions in this time so that you know exactly what the surgery is about and who is performing it on you.

Your medical health will be checked both by going over your medical history and blood and urine tests. There will be a physical examination and photos may be taken so that you can see the difference after your operation.

If you're happy both with your surgeon and the surgery and the surgeon has deemed you suitable for the procedure then you will be able to have the surgery.

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