Should I have Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad?

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Due to the high costs of surgery in the UK, many people chose to go abroad for cosmetic surgery such as breast reduction surgery. This offers much cheaper treatment and many companies sell it as part of a package holiday. However, you should be aware that breast reduction surgery is a complicated procedure that requires weeks of recovery time. Cosmetic surgery should never be considered as a holiday.

Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad

For most people who decide to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery money is their main motivation. It is true that breast reduction surgery is much less expensive abroad than it is in the UK. Breast reduction abroad can cost anything between £1000 and £5000, often making it much cheaper than its UK equivalent.

When considering the cost of your surgery abroad there are other factors that you must consider. For example, you will need to pay for flights to and from your destination and transport to and from the airports. With the rising cost of flights, this can greatly increase the cost of your surgery.

You will also have to consider accommodation before and after your surgery. You cannot expect to go into surgery straight off the flight. You should be able to meet with your surgeon days before the surgery and during this time will need to have somewhere to stay. You will also require accommodation after your surgery as you will not be able to fly for at least a week once you have left the hospital.

Risks of Having Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad

Having any surgery abroad comes with serious risks that you should consider before deciding that it is the best option. Cost should never be the most important factor when considering breast reduction surgery.

Foreign surgeons do not go through the same training and regulations as they would in the UK. This could mean that they are less experienced and not competent to handle complications. They also have different standards of hygiene. You should always ensure that the operating theatre and clinic is clean and sterile as the risks of infection can be life- threatening.

Language barriers can be a serious issue when considering having cosmetic surgery abroad. If you are unable to communicate with your surgeon, you may have different expectations of the results of your surgery. This can mean that you are left extremely disappointed with the results of your breast reduction surgery.

Arranging to go Abroad for Breast Reduction Surgery

If you decide that going abroad for your breast reduction surgery is the best option for you there are several ways of arranging it. The safest way to arrange for your surgery is through a UK company, which markets 'medical tourism'. These companies give you a UK based team both before and after your surgery meaning that any concerns or complications can be dealt with more efficiently. They are also advantageous as they usually arrange for all aspects of your visit including transportation and accommodation.

You should always do as much research as possible both into the company organising your trip and the foreign clinic and surgeon. You should make sure that they have a good reputation and read several patient testimonies before committing to surgery.

Another option is to arrange the entire visit yourself. This means that you will have to book your own flights, leaving plenty of time for your recovery, find suitable accommodation, and find an experienced surgeon. This will involve plenty of time and research to make sure that you are as safe as possible throughout your visit. You should make sure that you choose a reputable surgery with reviews from other patients in the UK. You should also make sure that the accommodation is clean and relaxing, as you will need rest and relaxation during the recovery period.

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