Pregnancy and Weight Gain after Breast Reduction Surgery

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Many people who have breast reduction surgery at a young age are concerned about how pregnancy or weight gain will affect the results of their surgery.

Pregnancy after Breast Reduction Surgery

If you want to get pregnant after having had breast reduction surgery there is nothing to stop you. Although your breasts will grow during pregnancy as any of the remaining breast tissue will enlarge, this is usually reversed once your milk production has stopped.

You breasts may return to their original size during pregnancy, which can be worrying. However, if you had not had the surgery your breasts would have grown even larger as a result of being pregnant. It is important to remember that the growth of your breasts during pregnancy is a natural thing and will be reversed once you have stopped producing milk.

Breast Feeding after Breast Reduction Surgery

The majority of women who undergo breast reduction surgery are still able to breast feed later on. However, your milk production may be limited due to the removal of some breast tissue. This means that you may have to supplement your breast milk with other forms of feeding such as baby formula.

You should ensure that your baby is getting enough milk out of your breasts if your milk production is limited. If your baby has a dry mouth, does not need food every few hours, or looks undernourished, you should speak to your GP immediately. However, it is important to remember that most babies lose weight during the first week after birth and will start to gain weight after that period.

You may be unable to breast feed after breast reduction surgery. If this is the case, you should talk to your midwife or a doctor about breast milk supplements. They will be able to advise you on what your baby will require and how you can provide this without breast- feeding. Although not being able to breast feed can be upsetting, you should focus on providing your baby with all the nutrients that they need.

Weight Gain after Breast Reduction Surgery

When you gain weight, some of the excess fat produced may go on your breasts. This means that even after breast reduction surgery, it is possible for your breasts to naturally grow larger. The best way to avoid this is to try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, which should prevent you from gaining weight.

The breast tissue that is removed during breast reduction surgery cannot grow back. Whilst the fat that is removed will not grow back, it is possible for new fat to be put on to your breasts. However, fat is easier to remove than breast tissue and by living a healthy lifestyle you should be able to manage your body fat.

The best way to prevent fat from going on to your breasts after breast reduction surgery is to live a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a balanced diet and doing at least thirty minutes of physical activity a minimum of five times a week. If you are unsure about when to start this or what to do, you should talk to your GP who will be able to give you advice.

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