Health Complications Caused by Large Breasts

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Large breasts can cause you cosmetic problems when coming to terms with your body. This causes many people to consider breast reduction surgery. There are also several physical reasons to undergo surgery. This is because large breasts can cause health problems that can make it difficult to function properly. If you suffer from any of these problems, breast reduction surgery could alleviate your problems, and is sometimes available on the NHS.

Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts

Having larger breasts means that there is much more weight on your chest when doing things such as lifting or bending over. This can put a lot of strain on your back, which can lead to back pain. Back pain can be a serious issue, especially when it prevents you from going about your normal activities. If your breasts are causing you back pain and this is preventing you from things such as working, exercising, or being active, you should seek medical advice.

Other Aches and Pains Caused by Large Breasts

Large breasts can also cause you other aches and pains, which can have an extremely negative effect on your life. Shoulder pain or neck pain can be just as debilitating as back pain, and can often lead to the development of pain lower down the back. If you believe that, your breasts are causing you any aches or pains you should seek medical advice. You should not allow your body to undergo pain, as this can have long- term psychological effects, as well as physical effects.

You can also suffer from regular headaches due to your breasts. The cause of your headaches may not be obvious, however if you have large breasts and suffer from frequent headaches it is worth discussing with your doctor.

Skin Problems Caused By Large Breasts

Having larger breasts can also cause several skin complaints. These most often occur in the folds underneath the breasts, which are difficult to keep dry. The moist environment irritates the skin, and allows infections to develop in the area.

People often experience rashes and irritations underneath the breasts. These can be extremely annoying as they are often itchy, sore, and unsightly. If you often develop such irritations, you should speak to your doctor. Skin irritations can cause you to become irritated and stressed and can have a negative effect upon your life.

Yeast infections are also a common complaint. These often develop in moist areas and can be extremely irritating. Yeast infections can cause itching, irritation, and skin discolouration. You should try to keep the skin as dry as possible and wear clothes made out of natural materials. You can also buy an anti- fungal cream to relieve the symptoms. However, you should also try to tackle the underlying problem and talk to your GP about the size of your breasts.

Problems with Posture Caused By Large Breasts

Large breasts can cause you to stoop, whilst standing. This can lead to bad posture and can cause your back to curve and develop a hump. You should try to stand up straight bad posture is related to chronic nerve problems that can cause numbness and tingling in your body. If you feel that, your breasts are causing you bad posture you should seek medical aid.

Psychological Effects of Large Breasts

As well as having several physical disadvantages, large breasts can have an adverse effect on your mental health. Having large breasts can cause you to become self- conscious, leading to low self- esteem, and a bad body image. This can cause further issues such as depression and stress. Mental health issues can be more debilitating than physical issues and if you feel that your breasts are having a negative impact on your psychological well- being, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can help you to build a better body image, giving you more confidence in yourself.

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