How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost?

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When considering any form of cosmetic surgery the cost is always a contributing factor. However, it should never be put before more important issues such as the quality of the surgery. Breast reduction surgery is a risky procedure that can be life- changing. Therefore, it is important that you weigh up all factors before choosing a surgeon.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a personal surgery that is individual to each patient. Therefore, the costs can vary greatly depending on how complicated your surgery is, where you go, and how much tissue is removed. You should avoid surgeons that use the same price for all patients as this may mean that they are charging too much for most surgeries, or that they are not providing the individual care that you will require.

The factors that affect the cost of breast reduction surgery include:

  • The amount of tissue that you want removing
  • The shape of your breasts
  • Any complications such as scar tissue
  • The amount of time that the surgery will take
  • How long you will need to be kept in hospital after surgery
  • The experience of the surgeon

Because of all of these factors, the cost can differ from between £ 2000 to £ 6000.

Getting an Accurate Cost for Breast Reduction Surgery

Before making your mind up what treatment that you want and who you want to do it you should ensure that you know how much breast reduction surgery will cost. The best way to do this is to visit several consultants. This will allow you to compare the price for which they can perform you surgery and the service that they offer for this price.

You should not immediately jump at the cheapest offer as surgeons offering bargain cosmetic surgery are often inexperienced or have a bad reputation. This can lead to serious complications in the future, which can cause physical and emotional trauma, and be expensive to correct.

Additional Costs of Breast Reduction Surgery

As with all surgeries, breast reduction surgery comes with costs beyond that of the surgery itself. There are several factors that you must consider when estimating how much your surgery will cost.

There may be additional costs from the clinic on top of the price that they have quoted for the surgery itself. For example, some clinics bill separately for:

  • The anaesthetic and anaesthetist
  • The hire of the operating theatre
  • Your overnight stay in hospital
  • Your dressings and pain relief
  • The time of the surgical team
  • The aftercare provided
  • The pre- surgery consultations

You should ask your consultant exactly what is included in the price that they have quoted and what additional costs there may be.

You should also factor in the costs that will definitely not be included in the quotation, such as the time off work that you will require for the surgery and the recovery time. You will also need to consider the fact that much of your clothing will not fit once you have recovered from your surgery so you will need money for new bras and clothing.

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