Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

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Due to the complicated nature of breast reduction surgery the recovery process is lengthy and it can take up to a year. The recovery process comes in different stages, during which you will be able to do certain things.

Recovery Immediately after Your Surgery

The recovery period immediately after your breast reduction surgery begins when you are brought round from the anaesthetic. This can leave you feeling nauseous, make you vomit, and make you suffer from shaking that you cannot control. This is normal and should not alarm you, however if you believe that you are having an abnormal reaction you should speak to one of the nurses monitoring you after your surgery.

You should make sure that you are comfortable after your breast reduction surgery. Once the anaesthetic has begun to wear off you may start to feel some discomfort. You should ask for pain relief immediately rather than waiting for the pain to worsen. You should also make sure that you are not too cold. If you are you should ask for extra blankets or for the heating lamps to be turned on.

You will usually need to stay in hospital for around three to four days after your breast reduction surgery so that you can be monitored. If your surgery was only mild, you may be allowed to return home earlier but should make sure that someone is available to drive you and monitor you overnight.

Recovery during the Months after Your Surgery

During the first weeks after you have returned home from your breast reduction surgery you will experience signs of the trauma caused by the surgery such as bruising, swelling, and discomfort. This will gradually reduce over the weeks after your surgery and should be gone within a month. You should try to keep the area as healthy as possible for example keeping the area clean and moisturising your skin if it is dry. However, you should avoid any contact with the incisions themselves.

It is important that you support the weight of your breasts during the healing process so that they do not cause the incision to reopen. In order to do this you are likely to be given a support bra or a bandage, which will be worn for about three days after your surgery. You will then be ordered to wear a bra for twenty- four hours a day for several weeks. You should ensure that you have a plentiful supply of suitable bras for this period.

If you have not had dissolvable stitches you will need to make an appointment to have your stitches removed this will normally be at around ten days after your breast reduction surgery although it can vary from between a week and ten days. Once the stitches have been removed, or have fully dissolved, the worst of the healing process will be over and you will be able to return to light duties at work.

You should always follow your doctor's advice throughout the healing process. This will involve not lifting heavy objects or doing vigorous activity for a certain period. You will also be required to refrain from sexual activity for a few weeks. You should take painkillers as and when required for the first few months after surgery. The results will normally be revealed after about six months. In some cases, this can take up to twelve months. It will be at the twelve-month mark that your scarring will begin to fade.

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