Finding a Breast Reduction Surgeon

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Finding an experienced surgeon to perform your breast reduction surgery can be a daunting task. Every surgeon claims to offer a high standard of service; however, it is up to you to find one that has a lot of experience of performing your surgery. This will limit the chances that you will be disappointed with the final results of your surgery.

Finding a Qualified Surgeon for Breast Reduction Surgery

The first important thing to look for in a breast reduction surgeon is their qualifications. It is imperative that you find a qualified cosmetic surgeon as your life will be in their hands once you are on the operating table. The first place that you should look is the General Medical Council. They have an online database, which gives the details of registered surgeons and their qualifications. Your surgeon must be a member of the fellowship of the royal college of surgeons to practice cosmetic surgery. This means that they will have FRCSplast after their name.

What to Do after Finding a Qualified Surgeon

After you have found some qualified surgeons in an area that you can easily commute to you should arrange to meet them. The best way to assess the professionalism and the experience of a surgeon is to meet with them to discuss breast reduction surgery. Before doing this, you should research your surgery so that you have enough information to assess their responses to your questions. A good place to start with this research is online, as you will be able to gather a wide range of information.

When meeting your surgeon you should be on the look- out for several things. The first of these is the environment of the clinic. The clinic should be clean, hygienic, and welcoming to make you feel comfortable with having your breast reduction surgery there.

You should also have a prepared list of questions to ask your surgeon about breast reduction surgery. These should include:

  • What the treatment can achieve
  • What complications are associated with the treatment
  • The type of anaesthetic used
  • The effect of your medical history on breast reduction surgery
  • If any other treatment would be more suitable for your breasts
  • The cost of the treatment and what this includes
  • The procedure used
  • Any additional costs to the treatment
  • How long they have been performing breast reduction surgery
  • How often they perform breast reduction surgery
  • How much pain is caused by breast reduction surgery
  • How long it will take to recover from breast reduction surgery
  • How long breast reduction surgery takes to perform
  • What after care they offer, and if there is an additional cost

You should take notes on their answers to these questions and any feelings that you have about the surgery. This means that you will be able to compare each surgeon to choose the most suitable one for you. You should not choose any surgeon based on cost, but should choose the surgeon who seem most experienced, and who put you at ease.

During this meeting, it is important that you ask to see before and after pictures of their previous patients. This will allow you to assess the quality of their work, bearing in mind that the pictures that they show you will be examples of their best work. You should look at the pictures with a critical eye, assessing the symmetry of the breasts, the level of scarring caused, and how consistent their work is. You should also ask for patient testimonies, which can give you a written guide to the surgeon's work.

Once you have met with the surgeons you may wish to do more research into them. By researching them online, you may be able to find more objective information about their treatment and aftercare.

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