Is there any Scarring after Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Scarring is a likely side effect of any surgery but this is a particular concern with breast reduction surgery as it can leave deep and potentially permanent scars if a lot of breast tissue has been removed. Therefore this is an issue that people need to be aware of before undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Location of scarring

This depends on where the incisions were made during the breast reduction surgery. Most surgeons will try to ensure that scarring is in less visible areas such as under the arms or where they can be easily covered by clothing. In most cases you will have a scar around the nipple where it has been repositioned during surgery and one where an incision has been made from the nipple to the bottom of the breast. If you only want a small reduction in the size of your breasts then it might be more sensible to have liposuction as this is a less invasive procedure and will leave less scarring. Initially the scars from the surgery may be red and rather lumpy but they should begin to recede over a period of 6 to 12 months as part of the healing process. After this period it is most likely that any scarring will have reduced to much finer and paler lines.

How can I avoid scarring after breast reduction surgery?

After surgery you should follow the advice of your surgeon about the post-surgery care. To help with the healing process it is important to keep the incision wounds clean to avoid getting an infection in this area. If your incisions do become infected then these must be treated as if they are left then it could lead to the scars become much more visible.

After surgery you should not smoke as smoking can cause the scars to widen which will make them become more visible. You should avoid placing the scars in harsh sunlight as this will also make them more noticeable.

There are some products which can be purchased from pharmacies to help scars to heal. These work by moisturising the skin more thoroughly so that it can heal more quickly and effectively. It is important to apply such lotion based treatments regularly to decrease the appearance of scars and make sure that the skin surrounding the scars is kept strong and healthy. Such products should not be applied until the skin has been able to heal as these can only upset the skin further and cause worse scarring. Keeping the skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet can also help to minimise scarring as this supplies the body with the nutrients that it needs to heal.

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