Where Can I Get SmartLipo?

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Travelling to another country to get a procedure, like SmartLipo performed is called Medical tourism and this is on the increase. You may decide to travel to another country to have your procedure performed by a highly skilled and specialised surgeon who is only available in another country. Alternatively you may find that you can have a procedure performed at a lower price compared to the cost of the procedure performed in your country of residence without any compromise on quality.

SmartLipo at no cost

In the UK cosmetic procedures are not performed on the NHS for free unless it is for male/female breast reduction (Gynecomastia), abdominal surgery or tummy tuck (after pregnancy or previous abdominal surgery), eye lid surgery, lipoma, Lymphoedema or a result of HIV medication that can cause unequal fat distribution. If you don't have any of these conditions you will need to use the services of a private clinic and these are numerous throughout the UK, Europe, USA and countries of other continents such as India.

SmartLipo abroad

You can have this procedure in many countries across Europe and worldwide. Your stay may only need to be a short break in and you may in cooperate the procedure into a short holiday or sightseeing trip. Clinics sensibly suggest a 4 day stay, even though you do not stay overnight at the clinic. A 4 day stay consists of 1 day for arrival, 1 day for the procedure, 1 day rest and 1 day for departure. However the procedure is reported to last only 30-60mins and may be up to 2.5 hours with no overnight stay over. If you wished you could arrive and depart on the same day with good organisation and timing of flights.

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