Is SmartLipo Safe?

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The basis of using lasers for SmartLipo came from the work done by scientists in 1992, however the procedure for fat removal needed improvements and another team of scientists improved the technique during 2000-2003. A successful clinical trial began in 2002 and people of ages between 15-78 years old took part. In 2006 another trial found fat was reduced by 17% after using SmartLipo. SmartLipo was approved in November 2006 by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is also termed laser lipolysis. The approval by the FDA ensures that this treatment is legal and safe when performed by registered medical professionals (such as surgeons or medical doctors).

To ensure that SmartLipo is safe for you, it is important to tell your doctor if you have any existing medical conditions or treatments. It is also important to clarify that it is the doctor who performs the procedure who is going to be the same doctor with whom you have a consultation. A busy surgeon may have an understudy who regularly performs some of their senior surgeons procedures. However an understudy may not be as well qualified or experienced at the same procedure. Obviously, a surgeon who has performed this procedure on many people is most experienced. You may also consider that the more experienced the surgeon the more skilled she/he should be and this should minimise the chances of experiencing a bad or unexpected result after surgery. However she/he was also once inexperienced, so an inexperienced surgeon should not be excluded by you as long as she/he has been properly trained and are being supervised during your procedure.

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