Should I have SmartLipo?

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Who can have SmartLipo and should I have SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is usually performed on people with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25 or who are within 25lbs (11.3Kg) of their ideal weight. BMI is your weight related to your height and the NHS choices website has a BMI calculator that you can use to calculate your BMI if you know your height and weight. Liposuction is not recommended for large weight loss and SmartLipo is used more for people who have exercised or tried dieting to try to remove small areas of persistent fat and have been unsuccessful.

I'm male can I have cosmetic surgery?

In 2011 the number of cosmetic procedures performed on both men and women increased in total to just over 43,000. In the UK 10% of these were performed on men. The number of men having cosmetic procedures has increased every year since 2008. The most common procedure was rhinoplasty (alterations in nose shape) and the second most common was for Gynecomastia (over development of the male breast/chest tissue).

Can male gynecomastia be treated using SmartLipo?

Gynecomastia can be treated using SmartLipo. If you are male and are unhappy with the amount of breast/ chest tissue that you have then you may be suffering from Gynecomastia. Approximately 6 out of every 10 men have some degree of Gynecomastia and this may be casually referred to as manboobs. SmartLipo can be used on its own in combination to remove unwanted fat present in cases of Gynecomastia. According to the American Society of plastic surgeons (ASPS) this procedure is performed on patients as young as 13 years old in the U.S.A and is a relatively common procedure amongst 13-19 year olds.

I'm under 18 can I have cosmetic surgery procedures such as SmartLipo?

If you are under 18 you may need to obtain legal consent from your parents or guardians before you can have a cosmetic procedure or surgery in the UK. If you are under 16 or between 16-18 years of age you will need parental consent for any procedures that you undergo. If you under 16 or in the 16-18 age bracket you are most likely to get consent for a cosmetic procedure if you show maturity, have been considering having surgery for a long time, initiate the consultation and have realistic expectations about how the procedure will improve your physical or emotional quality of life.

Am I too old for cosmetic surgery procedures like SmartLipo?

People aged up to 78 years old have successfully received SmartLipo as a part of a clinical trial and other clinical trials have shown that women aged 44-66 years have undergone SmartLipo for the removal of sagging skin and fat on their upper arms. Most improvement was seen after 6 months in their cases. If you are in good health you should be able to have SmartLipo.

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