How Much Does SmartLipo Cost?

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The cost of SmartLipo varies according to the country in which you have the procedure performed and the individual clinic or health service provider who are providing the service for you.

What is cheapest way of having a cosmetic procedure like SmartLipo?

In 2012 SmartLipo prices start from around £1900 at private clinics in the UK. In the U.S.A prices range according to which body area is being treated with the average price per single body area i.e. stomach is from $2000 to $5000. The stomach area can be the most expensive area and the thighs least expensive.

Some clinics offer finance options. These flexible payment options are available whereby you can make monthly payments for cosmetic procedures such as breast implants and liposuction with no lump sum payment at all. For instance a procedure costing around £3000-4000 can be paid for over 5 years or 1 year using interest free credit provided by the clinic. Clinics may also offer packages where you may get a treatment free after booking a procedure.

The whole cost of the procedure should be defined by the clinic and everything should be factored into your costing given to you. You may want to check that that everything is included. For instance you may ask if follow up consultations and antibiotics are included in the cost. Importantly if revisions are required are those included?

Your doctor or surgeon may ask that you combine other cosmetic procedures together. If you were considering other procedures, combining them reduces your costs, repeated anaesthesia and theatre time. However having too many or multiple procedures during a surgery increases risks of complications. You should consider your options carefully.

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