How Effective is SmartLipo?

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Will my SmartLipo be successful?

A clinical trial reported that 90% of people undergoing SmartLipo were satisfied and found that it had improved the appearance of their skin, in terms of reduced laxness and increased tightness as well as removal of fat. 100% of people reported visible improvement after 1 month and 100% of people having had SmartLipo said that they would recommend the procedure.

How much will SmartLipo improve my appearance after surgery/treatment?

The main improvement will be emphasising your figure by removing excess fat depending which body area is treated. You cannot expect to walk out of a clinic after SmartLipo with amazing smooth imperfection free skin and a perfect appearance with a perfect figure, unless you were already luckily enough to these attributes naturally. Images can be found over the internet which show some dramatic results achieved for some people, however it is not realistic to expect this perfect outcome.

Will I feel better about myself after cosmetic surgery like SmartLipo?

Self-image is a complicated concept and if your self-image or self-esteem is low you may not feel as good about your appearance as you would have hoped. However, according to the American Society of plastic surgeons (ASPS) teenagers appear to benefit greatly from cosmetic surgery and gain confidence and self-esteem following procedures compared to adults. This is because teenagers tend to have cosmetic procedures to correct structural imperfections (such as oversized breasts) so that they feel socially accepted compared to most adults who want to improve their existing appearance or to stand out from others for instance by increasing breast size. How much improvement you will feel after the procedure therefore depends on the reasons for having the procedure.

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