After the SmartLipo Procedure

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What should I wear after the SmartLipo procedure?

Post treatment you may have a small amount of leakage of anaesthetic, blood, lipid from the incisions in your skin. To avoid staining your clothes or your upholstery, wear dark clothing that is loose and easy to remove. Cover any items of upholstery that you cannot wash, such as settees with plastic sheets or old bedding that can be thrown away or washed if they become soiled.

Do I have to go back to the clinic after I have had the SmartLipo procedure?

You may be asked to return for check-ups/photos, after 1 day, 1 week or 1 month or at all three intervals according to the surgeon/clinic.

Will the removal of fat by SmartLipo last a long time or will I need SmartLipo redoing?

SmartLipo is a permanent procedure to remove fat. If you gain weight the fat will be deposited again, however it may deposited in another area or generally over the entire body rather than building up in the same specific area from which it was removed. If you are unlucky you may be amongst the 3 % of people, that may want or need revisions, such as correcting asymmetry, to blend areas back together, to give smooth contour between areas where fat was removed and non-treated areas. Missed areas being suctioned or skin irregularities such as hard persistent lumps in the skin that were not there previously would also require revisions. The surgeon will perform the procedure again to correct any imperfections caused by the first procedure. However people often need revisions when having plastic surgery and the rate of revisions for traditional liposuction for instance has been reported to be as much 1 revision for every 4 procedures, whereas only around 3 revisions in every 100 procedures are needed after SmartLipo.

If I'm having SmartLipo will anyone know that my appearance is not natural and due to the procedure?

During this particular procedure the small size of the cannula used containing the laser allows it to be inserted through skin folds, so no scarring may be noticeable. The small amount of fat removed should give a natural appearance afterwards with no sagging skin. The amount of time the procedure takes is also minimal and normally only 1 treatment is needed and no overnight stay. However you may require a couple of days rest and have bandages that are visible.

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