What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Operation?

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A Rhinoplasty operation is not normally very long; on average it lasts between one and two hours. However, if it is a more complicated operation then the time will increase depending on the difficultly involved. Whether you are having open or closed Rhinoplasty, the procedure is broadly similar and is listed below to give you an idea of what will happen.

  1. The first step of the procedure is to administer the anaesthesia; this is done before the actual operation begins. There are two forms available; the first is intravenous anaesthetic, the second is a general anaesthetic. Which you will be given depends on the procedure you will be having and which is the most suitable for you.
  2. The second step is to make the first incision, once this is done, the surgeon can then access the cartilage and tissue that they will need to reshape. You need to remember that if you are having closed surgery then the incision will be made inside the nose, while if you are having open surgery then the incision will be both inside and out the nose.
  3. Once the incision(s) has been made, the surgeon will then perform the procedure of taking out what needs to be taken out and putting in what needs to be put in. This is the most complicated part of the procedure as this step is unique to each patient with terms to what they need to have done. Once all this has been done there is then the possibility of reshaping any parts of the nose that are causing problems to breathing. This is known as fixing a deviated septum and will only occur if your surgeon has spoken to you about it before hand and you have both agreed that it is what you need.
  4. Finally there is the closing of the incisions. Once all the work has been done the surgeon will stitch back together the skin and close the incision. Congratulations you have just had a successful Rhinoplasty.

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