Rhinoplasty in Brazil

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One option that is becoming increasingly popular seems to be an unlikely choice; Brazil. While at first it may seem like a strange place to go for Rhinoplasty (not to mention being almost on the other side of the world), it has a number of advantages that make it a good choice. The first is that in recent years, due to investments and developments, it has become a respected member of the surgery community; its surgeons are as qualified as those in England or America. To become a plastic surgeon in Brazil you have to study for six years in a medical school, with two years of general surgery, followed by three years of plastic surgery. This altogether impressive resume means that most surgeons in Brazil are more than qualified to carry out your Rhinoplasty should you choose to go to Brazil. A further advantage is that, once again, it is far cheaper than the UK with most surgery out there being about half what it is in the UK (though you must consider the cost of getting out there as well as any living expenses you might incur).


Therefore, from this you can see that it is definitely worth looking into other countries when deciding on where you will do your Rhinoplasty. As mentioned above, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you make the decision to go abroad such as; the medical standard of the country; the cost of getting there (though there are companies that specialise purely in Rhinoplasty travel and will arrange everything for you including accommodation); and the overall reputation of the surgeon you decide to use. However, if you do take into account all these things (there are some excellent websites on the internet that can give you all the information you need), then surgery abroad is definitely an option worth looking into.

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